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La Pumping Systems are a step ahead of the competition with premium penis development kits that are used to treat all sorts of penis problems.  Get an erection after prostrate surgery, enlarge your penis or rejuvenate that shrivelled and old penis with some penis rehab.


Simply the best and market leader the world famous LA Pump is the informed choice for penis development.


Are you afraid to look in the mirror when nude?  Do you get embarassed when being intimate with another that your penis is too small? There is a simple solution that is tried and tested with guaranteed results when used as recommended.  The answer to your penis length issues is the LA Pump Vacuum Enlarging System.


This cylinder is  10 inches in length and comes with multiple diameter options.


American and hand made these cylinders are the highest quality on the market with stringent testing processes to ensure that each and every cylinder works and works well.  The LA Vacuum systems have been recommended by professionals for years for the treatment and aid of issues like small penis syndrome, erectile dysfunction, clitoral rehabilitiation, reversal of inverted tits and a whole lot more.

Others use the pumps for pleasure and seeing how far happy pumpers can go.  This is a great starter penis cylinder.

Requires LA Vacuum pump to operate.

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LA Pump Penis Enlargement Cylinder 10\" Length Date Added: Thursday 02 April, 2015

by Carl, Lennox Heads

What Are LA Pumps? Well the answer is pretty obvious – pumping – but pumping what? Okay, Okay…. they are for pumping up many things. Let’s assume you’ve got a body part like… . a penis? Possibly you’ve got no penis, yet you’ve got a clit? Perhaps you’ve additionally got areolas! (They have something for most sexual life systems setups, including a “Rosebud Pump Cylinder“). Indeed, we should envision you need to make that your body parts larger, make it harder, or significantly more sensitive?

Pumps can help with those things, yet ought to be utilized with care! I touched on a great deal of the wellbeing/training information in the Pumping world, however you ought to ALWAYS look into any sexual items you are considering completely AND listen to your body.

All things considered, How Does The Whole LA Pump System Work?

This part is some more convoluted… At the most straightforward, you have your cylinder(s) of decision and whatever pump you may have picked (LA Pump offers a few). To utilize them, you need to first analyze the entire set-up and acclimate yourself with everything.

The cylinders are generally the same… You get an acrylic tube with a little valve on the end – the little valve sinks, and can likewise be utilized as a pressure valve. To connect the pump to any of the cylinders, you just press the little metal tab on the valve and press the tip on the pump hose.

It appears to be difficult at to start with, yet it’s truly not. In the event that you do it one time, you’ll have the thought down really well. After its all popped together, you’ll need to place the cylinder (with a touch of lube around whatever body part you plan to pump) against the skin and gradually begin pumping… .The cylinders all work the same way and are usable with any of their pumps. I attempted to use the cock clinder – I’m not one to accept cases of “development” effectively, and didn’t feel that was the reason here… so I didn’t do any schedules or anything – however surprisingly I’m really satisfied with the result.

The suction can be ‘how’s your father’ in the event that you haven’t trimmed and lubed around the base of your cock to make a water/air proof seal, yet once that is carried out.!”. When pumped up, they stay pumped up. The extent that growth… At lower pressure, the pumps feel awesome. They certainly make things feel more engorged, and will positively pop the veins down your pole out (making them more conspicuous). At higher suction, they can be a touch uncomfortable; The weight can extend your inward tissues out, creating a dull throb. This isn’t just with the LA Pump stuff however, this is with all pumps. Be watchful with the pressure you use – ensure it is comfortable!

The one issue I had is that I like to slide a ring onto the cylinder of a pump, pump up… and afterward slide the ring off the cylinder and around the base of my pole. That is not by any means conceivable with these cylinders, as they’ve got the broadened base edge. I’ll need to get one of the flexible “rope” style rings, however I think that would work fine. I didn’t have any issue popping a cock ring on rapidly after I pumped some, yet I did lose a touch of the expanded gain I had achieved from the pump.

In the event that you are somebody that is interested about pumping and you are searching for a quality pump/cylinder set-up that will keep going you a long while, the LA Pump line of items is really pleasant. No pink “elastic” containers or blue cylinders with difficult to see inch markers down the side, no stresses over if the materials are safe… Just quality clear acrylic cylinders with a one pump fits all cylinder methodology. While they are somewhat pricey, they’ll likely keep going forever if dealt with correctly! The parts must be purchased separately although I did see this LA Pump System Offer that seems like a good deal, yet if you purchase them separately it makes it less demanding to get pieces that will fit you right (penis estimations will be expected to verify things fit). Generally speaking, I endorse the LA Pump systems.

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