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Jopen KEY's signature G Spot Wand is weighted and curved for G Spot stimulation. A durable glass body, dipped in body safe silicone, and branded with the stainless alloy KEY emblem of quality. This wand is just what you need for unparalleled pleasure.

Comes with a soft, lint-free carrying pouch.


If you are after high performance sex toys Jopen is a market leader with a focus on producing premium products to service the desires of men and women creating a perfect balance between excitement and sexual experiences.  With an expert team of professionals that use women to design the toys made for women Jopen provides perfect pleasure products focusing on females but also for couples and men.  A unrivalled no questions asked warranty for faulty products gives piece of mind when buying and also knowing that the company has won multiple awards including XBiz Award for Callie, EAN Award for Best Adult Product Line, StorErotic Awards for best boutique brand, The AVN “O” Award for Skin Care Line Essence and many more.  You deserve the best and Nalone delivers it to you in perfect packaging.

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Key by Comet G-spot Wand Lavender Date Added: Thursday 07 April, 2016

by Anonymous

Jopen has churned out some weird toys, some decent toys and some great toys. The Key Comet Wand is their greatest. Whilst there isn't much to say about a non vibrating curved toy, there's a few small points which make this toy so great.

The biggest asset of the Key Comet Wand that it's a glass dildo dipped in body safe silicone, which is completely genius - it incorporates the firmness you get from a glass dildo, without the deathly coldness of glass. The silicone will give piece of mind to users who are afraid or skeptical of using glass toys in fear of them shattering. The shaft is heavily curved with a big round bulbous head and is incredibly light to hold.The shaft also has slight ridges all the way down the shaft which wouldn't be too noticeable in use, but stop if from being super plain.

Due to the materials it is made of, the Key Comet Wand is also incredibly easy to clean. Simply wash with soapy water OR a good quality toy cleaner. The silicone it is made from though, feels similar to LELO's and doesn't collect lint or dust at all! YAY.

The Key Comet Wand comes in three colours: Blue, Purple and Pink which are pretty standard colours but really really pretty. The purple and pink colours also come with a tinted handle - not sure why they decided against this for the blue one but either way the tinted handle makes for a nice touch.

Over all, if you are a G Spot lover - you need this dildo. If you don't need vibrations to get off - you need this dildo. If you want a toy that will last forever will good care - you REALLY need this dildo.

This dildo is a 10/10, and a true favourite of mine.

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