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This is Julia, the Japanese AV adult movie queen said to have the most erotic figure in history.

Now, You can enjoy both her pussy and her perfect body with this clone masturbator, EXE Julia + Onahole Masturbator.

The shape of Julia + features her sexy body shape and her epic boobs provide extra fantasy for you. Julia + is has a 3D hole interior and a closed-hole design. The double entrance is designed for avoiding lotion's backflow, tight s shape tunnel with realistic flesh nubs around the path, feel different excitement from every angle! The inside of the sleeve is full of realistic looking bumps and grooves that vary in shape and angle. The overall path is a slight curve. This curve is actually designed to work with the body shape of the sleeve.

Twisting the Julia + body 90 degrees to the left and right during use will change the curve inside creating a different stimulation.

This hole is also a dual-layer product. This thin dual-layer allows for a more stimulating material on the inside while having a soft material for gripping on the outside. EXE Julia + not only has intricate in its nubs and realistic lining, but there is also a very recreation of Julia's incredible bust and ass to keep the rest of you fully occupied.


Japan is the land of quality products and King Maturbators continues to add to their lineup with collaboration between high profile companies and some of the most popular stars in Japan.  JAV porn stars are lining up for these real feel masturbators that start from the famous onahole up to full sized replica’s of these gorgeous Asian women buttons and other intimate body parts. Exe Strokers also manufactures top line Japanese sex toys and fascinated by the innovative spirit of Japanese adult toy makers bringing Japans erotic wonderland to the rest of the world.  Using market surveys to research on a daily basis new product ideas, inventions and product launches.


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