JoyDivision Soft Tampons Normal Professional 50 Pack

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A secure feeling during the critical days! These stringless rounded tampons are made to provide hygienic protection for sexual intercourse during menstruation - and HE will not feel them at all! Easy to wear. Perfect for use in saunas and swimming pools. Rose-coloured. Clinically skin-tested. 50 pcs. Erotic articles and love toys can enrich the sex life of single women, single men and couples regardless of the persons' age. Using these kinds of articles might broaden the users' sexual horizon. It can result in experiencing feelings and sexual climaxes they have never made before. Please quite carefully ensure that love toys are always kept out of the reach of children. They are meant to be used by adults only.


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JOYDIVISION's passion lies in the production of sensually erotic lifestyle products that meet the highest quality standards. These high-quality products symbolize an embarrassment-free approach to the topic of sexuality. The secret to JOYDIVISION's success lies firstly in their high-quality products, which are perfectly configured to consumers' requirements, and secondly in the great number of innovations have been introduced.


Fun combined with desire is the focus – JOYDIVISION wants to encourage people to playfully engage with their body and that of their partner. JOYDIVISION dermatologically and clinically tests its products and checks that they are skin-friendly. There are permanent quality-control procedures in place, including during production. Together with excellent user-friendliness and a good price-performance ratio, these measures represent the foundation for the great levels of customer satisfaction.

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