Jimmyjane Intro 4 Smoothie

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Jimmyjane Intro 4 Smoothie Vibrator


This classic profile should be a staple in every bedside drawer. Intro 4s oversized motor and unique shape is classic redefined. Its narrow hourglass figure is curved for comfort perfect for those looking for powerful, internal or external stimulation.


With a classic hourglass shape and sleek silicone touch that makes it extremely effective. Capable of reaching just about any spot on your body inside or out, this sleek vibe provides full curves and a tapered tip that makes it capable of both full coverage and pin point stimulation. The slick silicone material is body safe and superiorly hygienic, being both antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Soft and smooth, all it takes is a few drops of water based lubricant to makes it slippery for added comfort and while you play the silicone will absorb your body heat, making it feel naturally blissful!


Turn it on and the Smoothie becomes even better, buzzing at one of its exciting three vibration patterns which are each available in three speeds. Powering these vibrations is an oversized motor so you'll always feel the full force of every buzz from end to end of this sleek vibe.


San Francisco-based Jimmyjane is focused on sophisticated and pleasurable design, making award-winning sex toys and exquisite luxury vibrators that provide a lifetime of pleasure. With a warranty on defects and materials on all Jimmyjane sex toys they back up their premium offering with peace of mind. So if you want to find out what the adult toys of the future will look and feel like JimmyJane has the answer.


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