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The Mimi soft is a beautiful stylish and high performance vibrator Smooth and soft body. Mimi Soft glides across the skin, making it perfect for a body-massage with a difference. For a lighter touch, you can also try transferring Mimi Soft's vibrations through your fingertips, by cradling it in your hand and stroking the skin with your fingers.

Use the tip to provide pin-point stimulation to the clitoris, or wherever on the body that you'd like to directly simulate. This works especially well on boys as well, including the glans, frenulum, nipples and testicles.

Use the side to stimulate the labia and the clitoris at the same time. Use Mimi Soft flat to provide a wider stimulation of the whole genital area. Mimi Soft also comes with a beautiful blindfold for more fun!


Je Joue is an award winning UK company that has your sexual pleasure in their sights. Ultimate luxury, with beautifully thoughtful and crafted designs which have been influenced by insightful and extensive consumer research. This is a company that is dedicated to your pleasure and has been pioneered by a sex positive industry to bring you luxurious sensuality and pleasure

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