JAX Leather Jocks Black & Blue

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Mens Designer Underwear

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Designed for easy access to your treasure pot this hand crafted leather jock strap is perfect for seducing your partner and taking thier level of arousal and desire for you to new heights. Wearing this piece of authentic leather you will feel it's softness on your skin, just like the soft touch of your partner.


Its sexy look will send tingles down to your partners spine and have blood racing to all of their sensative area's. The zipper at the front allows for easy access, because once your partner see's them on you it will send their mind wild and have them dreaming about tying you up about what is hiding behind that zipper.


With sizes that will fit most men, this jock strap is the perfect gift for yourself or for a partner.

Available in:

Small   Medium   Large   Extra Large


Hell's Couture Leather is guaranteed to be quality genuine leather which is handcrafted to make these wonderful items for you. When you are after the best that money can buy at a realistic price always choose Hell's Couture.

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