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Some lubes by ID are flavored. Others offer sensations such as warming and cooling. Others promise water-proof action and enhanced thickness that still remains condom safe. The ID Pleasure adds natural ingredients proven to stimulate blood flow and increase circulation. That’s right, it helps the male perform better and it helps the woman feel more of the experience. The addition of gingko biloba and red clover promotes better sexual contact and blood flow. Call it a lube with a performance enhancer in the mix! ID Pleasure is 100% condom safe and is water based to make clean up fast and easy. Pleasure is also non-staining and safe for use with silicone toys. Alone, or with a friend, ID Pleasure can help.

When you are tired of using the same old boring personal lubricants during sex why not try ID Pleasure Lubricant.  With its unique tingling sensation it is sure to arouse the clitoris or penis of your partner.  Have intimate feelings never before experienced making you want to cum back for more.

Great with sextoys and condom safe.  A veritable keeper for you sextoy box.


65ML & 130ML 

When you think of pleasure think of ID Pleasure lubricant with its tingling sensation it is going to titilate the senses.  Safe to use with sextoys and have sex fun.  Explore your partners boundaries with excitement to boot.  Great to add a bit of spice and bite to your erotic encounters.

Id Lubricant are manufactured by Westbridge Pty Ltd that have been in the business for 3 decades and all their products comply with FDA and other regulations so you can be assured it is a quality product.

When you have tried ID Pleasure lube you will want to grab the big bertha.  A huge 260ml of tingling lubricants is going to keep you going for months to come.  Experience the tingling sensations over and over again ensuring that you never run out during. Arouse your clitoris and have refreshing and exciting sex with a quality USA produced product.


Enhanced Sensation

Latex Safe


Enhances Masturbation


Silicone Toy Safe

Increases Stimulation

ID Pleasure is here for those who love the quality of ID Glide with added stimulation! A water based lubricant with a tingling sensation that will add a whole new layer of excitement to your bedroom escapades. Fill your intimate moments with a rush of pleasure as you experience one of our most unique personal lubricants. The tingling feel of this lubricant will invariably send you spinning in delight as you plunge headlong into excitement. Make your next night of passion one full of excitement and adventure with ID Pleasure

ID Pleasure uses the same water-based formula as ID Glide, but with the added natural botanical extracts of gingko biloba and red clover to increase stimulation to the applied area. In turn, sensation during intercourse or masturbation is enhanced. Due to the unique feeling that is present in our lubricant, it also greatly improves stimulation to your nether regions. A surefire way to get things in the bedroom off to a roaring start, our lubricant is here to show you the meaning of the word pleasure.

 Along with being a fantastic personal lubricant to use with your partner or on your own, Pleasure is also great to use with your toys. Use it with either latex or silicone toys and enjoy your time having fun with them like never before. Have no worry over spills as this lubricant leaves no stains and cleans off of most fabrics with a simple run through the wash. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why this lubricant has become so popular among our customers. Add this to your list of must-haves and enjoy the sexual bliss that will surely follow. Keep ID Pleasure around for those extra frisky moments!



ID lubricants have been on the market since the early 90’s and they have continued to develop and evolve their range. They have dedicated themselves to premium and quality lubricants that are as sensual as they are durable and long lasting. They have successfully expanded both nationally and internationally and are a globally recognized lubrication brand.


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ID-Lube Pleasure Lubricant Tingling Date Added: Tuesday 02 September, 2014

by Anonymous

I love the tingling sensations this lubricant leaves. It is almost like a clit stim but milder and both he and I enjoy the great sensations.

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