Soft Suede Bondage Flogger

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Skilla, Suede Leather, Wooden Handle, 25 Tails

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When you want to have a bit of hanky panky fun and incorporate some light discipline the suede flogger is the perfect choice.  It will surprisingly give you quite a bit of a smack but without the sometimes too intense sting.  25 tails will ensure that this will not burn or leave heavy welts.

Long; 75cm

Tails; 25

Also available in Purple Pink, and Blue


Hell's Couture has the greatest range of fetish gear in the adult industry. High quality, and affordable leather and steel bondage gear is often difficult to find and that’s where Hell’s Couture comes in. An expansive range of kink toys for every fetish imaginable, you’ll be hard pressed to find a reason not to choose Hell's Couture

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