G-Spot Lines Classic

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BS Atelier

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The G-Spot Lines Classic features a special curve for G-spot stimulation. The phallic head will give you extra pleasure. You'll notice its flexibility and firmness. Thanks to our design team our dildos are harness suitable so you can use this dildo hands free.


You know that you've picked up a unique adult toy when you look at the G-Spot Lines Classic dildo from BS Atelier. This is an innovative brand that creates hand-crafted sex toys with unique designs. The BS Atelier G Spot Lines Classic dildo grabs attention with warm colors from tip to base. It will grab even more attention when it reaches inside and gives your g-spot an explosive nudge.


This is a gender-neutral dildo with a stylish appearance that appeals to both genders regardless of sexual orientation. It is also flexible in functionality. It was designed with the perfect angle to reach every woman's g-spot, but it also works its magic when inserted anally.


Whether you want to touch your deepest erotic zone without the assistance of a partner or you want to show your partner a new trick, you can count on the BS Atelier G Spot Lines Classic dildo to do your dirty work. You can even pass the dildo from one partner to another, sharing the orgasmic goodness with your closest friends. You just need a generous helping of lubricant and enough time to put your new toy to good use.


Small: Height: 14cm; Workable Length: 13cm; Average Diameter: 3cm; Girth of the Tip: 7.5cm; Girth of the Shaft: 12cm


Medium: Height: 16.5cm; Workable Length: 16cm; Average Diameter: 3.5cm; Girth of the Tip: 9cm; Girth of the Shaft: 15cm


Large: Height: 18.5cm; Workable Length: 18cm; Average Diameter: 4cm; Girth of the Tip: 10cm; Girth of the Shaft: 15.5cm


BS Atelier is a company that creates handmade pleasure from their manufacturing plant in Madrid. Carefully designed all Bs Atelier products are handmade with a high level of attention to detail and are carefully researched to create an aesthetically appealing product with an ergonomic design. All BS atelier products are unique in this way. This female led company is renowned for their dedication, quality and strive to create sex positive and unique toys in an industry flooded with mass production

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