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Date Added: Monday 20 March, 2017

by Alice, Belconnen

Patchy Paul is a worm/ grub looking guy who comes in multiple funky colours. He is long with ripples with a mouth conveniently big enough to please the g-spot. He is a height altogether of 22.8cms (8.98 inches) and without the handle he is 16.5cms (6.50 inches) and a width of 4.4cms (1.73 inches) at the bottom going down (up) to 2.7cms (1.06 inches) Patchy is waterproof and easy to use. He has 3 buttons, one red button to turn it on and off, one to turn it up and one to turn it down in the middle of the handle. The handle is an oval shape which makes it easier to hold and use. The vibe also has a locking travel system. To unlock the device you need to hold down the power button and the + button for 3 seconds at the same time. To turn the lock back on you will need to hold the power button and the - button down together, again for 3 seconds. Paul is a super soft body safe silicone making him perfect for people who like soft toys. Even if you don't like soft toys the vibe alone is enough to make you change your mind. He has a total of 12 functions and the first function is super powerful!! Making it perfect for people who enjoy a really strong vibe. He is flexible and will move with your body helping you to reach full potential. This little guy like all the Fun Factory range is rechargeable. The cord is red with a magnetic circle at the end. To charge Paul you just put the magnets on the two silver dots just a little under the on/off button. Knowing when your toy is fully charge is also easy. The two buttons (the + and - buttons) will both flash to let you know your toy is fully charged and ready to use. Being made of silicone you will need to use a water based lube. Fun Factory make that and after use you should clean it with a antibacterial cleaning spray, they also make that ;) This little guy also has a one year warranty. He also comes in a mini version.

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Date Added: Monday 17 October, 2016

by Madge, Bourke

Hey guys today I wanted to write a review on my favourite sex toys brand is (FUN FACTORY). FUN FACTORY has a lot of different powerful vibrating sex toys. The toys are made of firm silicone with different varletry of vibration and patterns. It is also use to use and clean. The toys are usb rechargeable. Im ganna be writing about the best ones MOODY AND PATCHY PAUL. Patchy paul made of firm silicone and I like how flexble it is and powerful its my favouti one with how fast it goes. Also as any fun factory tor patchy paul has three buttons to turn on and off and to change the speed and setting of the vibration. The pathay paul comes and pink and green which make it more fun to use. And it has 8 stimulation intensities and 3 vibration rhythms and its waterproof which makes it amazing you can use it anywhere you want yay. Its also suitable for experienced and beginners Over all this brand is my favour and can wait till I buy more fun factory.

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Date Added: Friday 18 December, 2015

by Andrew, Springtown

Oh don't we love a vibrator that already has a name, it just makes our life easier so we don't have to spend hours on end thinking of what to call our vibrators. So today ill be speaking about Fun Factory's Patchy Paul or just "Paul" So like i said earlier, Paul is from the Fun Factory family, automatically making him a topic of interest when it comes to looking at toys because of who he is related to. Paul flaunts a very seductive shape made out of complete medical grade silicone, he is very very curvaceous, with a lot of ribs and his head is slightly tipped making him the ultimate G-Spot sex machine. On top of his beautiful figure he also has an amazing down stairs area, with 3 buttons, Fun, Up and Down to give you just the right pleasure. Now Paul has been designed with a whole in his ummmm... down stairs area making him so much easier to hold as weird as it possibly is, because i'm guessing your trying to work out what that would physically look like. Enough about his exterior.. lets start talking about his personality. Paul is very charismatic and a very strong character. He has a great sense of self-esteem which he seems to display through his very strong vibrations with those around him, he also can display up to 5 different sides to his personality, making him an amazing person to be around Well this is Paul, I hope you enjoy meeting him

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Date Added: Friday 25 September, 2015

by Dawn, Morningside

When you have a bestselling product that is beating the sales targets and continues to perform year after year would you change it? Most people say if it ain’t broke then why fix it but that is not the motto of sex toy market leaders Fun Factory. Their most popular Patchy Paul Vibrator is now improved with the G5 (Generation 5) of Fun Factory Vibrators. So what is so different and why is it improved? I am glad you asked so let me explain – Fun Factory Patchy Paul G5 comes bundled in the standard solid box with a picture of the toy on the outside like you get with most of the Fun Factory sex toy lines. This comprises of a sleeved colorful box, the sleeve has all the details of the vibe written, and the gold box looks great with the Fun Factory logo on the cover; making it a perfect spot to store your toy when not being used. Inside the case you'll discover the Patchy Paul vibrator, a USB attractive charging link, and the product manual. I adore the USB chargers from Fun Factory, and I wish more of the sex toys available on the market utilized this system for charging their toys as it is just so simple and easy. It is just fabulous how the magnet charger works and the magnets are very solid so tend to stay together easily, yet there's no chance to get of harming the toy if the link is accidently reversed out at the wrong edge. Likewise with the new G5 line, there is a now a battery level display – improving the charging better than it was; the display on the handle will light up. The buttons blazing will demonstrate battery life of 0-33%, a static – and glimmering + shows 33-66% and both the – and + static with the FUN Factory logo glimmering is 66 – 100% battery power. The Patchy Paul G5 vibrator comes in pink, orange and green. The vibrator is 9 inches long, 7 inches of insertable length and is 5.5 inches at its widest point. The shaft is completely ribbed and straight with a bowed tip. It's made totally from 100% silicone - apart from the handle, which is ABS plastic. The silicone itself isn't like other sex toys I have reviewed but when lube is added it gives a sensuous soft feeling. The handle at the base has a circle that makes it easier to use when it is inside you and is an enormous benefit for me, it makes it so natural to move whilst inside you – and in light of the fact that you have lube on it makes controlling it a delight The control buttons on the handle are in a perfect position, making it simple to switch between settings whilst you are having fun with it. To turn it on you just hold the Fun button down for about 3 seconds and then there are 6 steady vibrations in addition 6 variable speed vibrations. The vibrations are both rumbly and capable and deep just the way I love it. Whilst being used you can rapidly kill the vibrator by squeezing the FUN catch for 0.5 seconds but I do not think many people would need to use this emergency switch unless you are doing a sneaky solo act and the kids walk in. The + and – catches will work through the settings, whilst the FUN button is utilized to kill the vibe on and. Patchy Paul is completely submersible in water, making it great for shower time and shower fun; and it additionally makes it staggeringly simple to clean – Just pop it in some warm foamy water and/or splash with some sex toy cleaner and wipe down. As such, everything is by all accounts astounding about this vibe. It's a given that I really cherish this vibrator a considerable amount actually, Patchy Paul ticks each of the boxes that I need from a sex toy, it has effective deep rumbling vibrations, it's girthy, simple to operate and is produced using body safe materials – never have I owned a vibrator and felt that each requirement for a sex toy has been met but it has finally with the Patchy Paul. There are three upgraded versions of the G5 and the other two are the G5 Big Boss and the G5 Tiger and I am so delighted with the Patchy Paul that I think I will try them all out. You can buy each of the three vibrators at

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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