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The Cobra Libre 2 is new and improved such a fantastic mens masturbator that has a soft silicone tunnel to take your penis is even better.  Once inside it is going to be stimulated by dual strong motors that are going to excite.  Masturbators have never felt so good and it will not be long before you release your cum inside the inviting tunnel. Experience the pleasures of deep throat today.  Easy to clean and with click n charge technology and male toy has never been so easy to use and keep.






 This is a mens sextoy that is going to give the users penis soft silicone hugs when it enters.  Two powerful motors will pulse vibrations just below the receptive penis glans to hit the right erotic spot.  A stylish masturbator and ergonimically shaped there is nothing else like it on the market.  Click n charge technology makes keeping your Cobra Libre ready to use and easy to handle. 

Rechargeable CLICK 'N' CHARGE vibrator: **Don't forget the accompanying recharge plug, the MAGNETIC CHARGER!


  • effectively stimulates the most sensitive part of the penis – the glans
  • rechargeable
  • 100% waterproof
  • two powerful, quiet motors which create unique vibration patterns
  • intuitive control with one touch buttons
  • very easy to clean
  • easy to handle
  • super soft and velvety silicone



Love comes from the heavens...we have a piece of heaven right here on earth, for you and others to bestow incomparable moments. With exciting sex toys for singles, couples and for all kinds of playful passion. Everything from FUN FACTORY, one of Europe's largest manufacturer of erotic toys and number 1 when it comes to vibrators and dildos.


Going through life many people enjoy fine foods, appreciation of fine are or attending sporting events – steering away from a mundane life looking for moments of passion and surreal enjoyment.  Often couples will do the same thing for their relationships – who wants to be in a dull and boring marriage?  Fun Factory Sex toys create ‘beautiful things’ that couples and those into solo play can both admire and are practical to use.  Since 1996 they have been pioneers in creating colorful adult product that are body safe and ergonomically suited to their use.  The image of ‘smutty’ and ‘cheap’ when mentioning sex toys is gone with the most thrilling and beautiful products coming into people’s lives.

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Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2 Black/Black Date Added: Wednesday 30 December, 2015

by James, West Swan

Cobra Libre is definitely not the typical male masturbator where guys need to thrust inside it, stroke it over the penis or squeeze it. Cobra Libre is more about experience and intensity and less about jerking off. This is an innovative silicone vibrator that delivers pleasure on the head of the penis and if the customer is open minded enough to give it a try, he may discover a new way of masturbating without any stroking or sweating. When using it for the first time, the user needs to keep in mind that this is more like a Tantric toy, where the final orgasm is not more important that enjoying the whole experience, feeling the sensations at every moment.

The Cobra Libre II has a silicone flexible sleeve designed to introduce the penis that will feel like a mouth when lubed up. The solid part of the vibrator, where the control buttons are located, is ergonomically designed for easy handling.

So, the user only needs to lube up with water-based lubricant, slide into the soft flexible sleeve and start playing with the speed levels and stimulation modes that will deliver pleasure on the head of the penis and frenulum. At the beginning, the user needs to get familiar with the vibrations, try different positions and find the perfect spot for him. There are plenty of options to explore with just an experimental attitude.

As I said, Cobra Libre is like a Tantric toy where sometimes the orgasm will be very close, and with a simple stroke it will be just there. Instead, the user can keep enjoy the vibrations and slowly but intensely. If the customer is more into masturbation like a race, to reach the orgasm quickly, then this might not be the product and may go directly to something like Fleshlight or Tenga.

Although some may find it small for a male masturbator, you really don't need more out of this vibrator. In fact, this size makes it perfect for traveling as it doesn't take much space and can easily be carried.

It counts with two motors and three stimulation modes at different speed levels. As all Fun Factory products, it is USB rechargeable and totally waterproof. Moreover, in comparison to other male masturbators, the Cobra Libre is very easy to clean with any of our toy cleaners.

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