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A vibrator for those who like it big. The gently curved silicone shaft fills up users with arousal due to its 4 cm diameter and thanks to 12 vibration programs it brings a boost to your love life. Amazingly thick and powerful silicone vibrator.


Big Boss - Sometimes it's got to be XL


Big Boss G5 is a vibrator for all those who like it big. Especially self-confident women and couples who know what they want and like intense pleasure will find a true sparring partner in the ring with Big Boss G5. An experienced man should be able to recognize the appealing qualities of the biggest vibrator from Fun Factory. Armed with Big Boss G5, together they can make any woman lose her mind with ecstasy. Big Boss G5 keeps his promises and ensures potent power plays under the sheets.


The explicit design sparks imaginative fantasies. With its prominent glans and suggested veins Big Boss G5 borrows from nature like no other Fun Factory vibrator. The gently curved silicone shaft fills up users with arousal due to its 4 cm diameter. Impressive as it is, thanks to the FlexiFUN Technology it uniquely adapts to any body form without losing any of its fulfilling pressure. Plus the strong motor evenly distributes the vibrations throughout the entire shaft; it powerfully reaches even the most hidden passion points.


In bright pink, powerful black and a discreet nude Big Boss G5 with a total of 12 vibration programs brings a boost to your love life – whether on a solo tour or with a partner. The ergonomic control unit with the loop, a little cutout in the handle, rests perfectly in the user's hand, even when using a lot of lubricant. 


The index finger is put through the silver ring located in the seductive black handle for a secure hold, then the toy rests in the palm and the three touch buttons of the press fun to play controls can be intuitively controlled by the thumb. Navigation is then easy and comfortable with the + and – buttons. The red FUN button starts and stops Big Boss G5's amorous discovery tour with just one click.


The powerful motor is set so that more energy is diverted into the strong silicone shaft. The intense vibrations are distributed without losing any drop in strength throughout the entire shaft and right up to the tip of the toy. The shaft vibrates with completely satisfying sensations. A battery level display ensures that Big Boss G5 is always ready for action. The QuickSTOP via the FUN button ends any secret adventures in half a second. Plus the key lock means Big Boss G5 can leave home, traveling the world discreetly in a handbag or suitcase. He likes beachside vacations – because this waterproof vibrator loves to get wet and promises thrills even under the waves.


Love comes from the heavens...we have a piece of heaven right here on earth, for you and others to bestow incomparable moments. With exciting sex toys for singles, couples and for all kinds of playful passion. Everything from FUN FACTORY, one of Europe's largest manufacturer of erotic toys and number 1 when it comes to vibrators and dildos.


Going through life many people enjoy fine foods, appreciation of fine are or attending sporting events – steering away from a mundane life looking for moments of passion and surreal enjoyment. Often couples will do the same thing for their relationships – who wants to be in a dull and boring marriage? Fun Factory Sex toys create ‘beautiful things’ that couples and those into solo play can both admire and are practical to use. Since 1996 they have been pioneers in creating colorful adult product that are body safe and ergonomically suited to their use. The image of ‘smutty’ and ‘cheap’ when mentioning sex toys is gone with the most thrilling and beautiful products coming into people’s lives

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Fun Factory Big Boss G5 Date Added: Wednesday 17 August, 2016

by Dino, Wellington

My better half likes me to assume responsibility of the sex toys, which I cherish. I at first purchased vibrating dildos, yet she said she didn't care for the interior vibrations, so I surrendered the pursuit of a vibrator she would like. We additionally found that they were cumbersome to hold, particularly when covered in lube. They are generally very hard, and controlling the speeds and modes is often confusing and limiting.The Big Boss G5 transformed all that. It is faultless in its outline. It has awesome bigness and the materials utilized are top notch. The only drawback - if you could call it that - is you need to store it in a silk pouch or sex toy box as it tends to attract dust.Big Boss accompanies a finger opening at its base, which gives awesome control, and for me as the one in control of the toy it permitted me to move and focus somewhere else easily. The controls are push button on the finger circle and simple to change in all positions. My significant other never loved standard vibrators, yet she has changed her mind now. Big boss has a strong deep vibration she said could be felt all through her body. What an extraordinary item.

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