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Foxee Ella Bidoe

Ella Bidoe

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You are going to look so foxy when wearing this dotted babydoll outfit with purple ties.  Ella Bidoe Lingerie Australia has certainly found a sexy intimate piece for you and your lover to enjoy.  The aura that you will give out will have your partner hunting you down for sexual play.


The foxee sexy lingerie is a black and purple piece that is for both you and your lover to enjoy. A stylish piece that is sure to blow not only your confidence through the roof, but your partner fresh out of the room. 


Ella Bidoe has a wide variety of different lingerie styles that are elegant, seductive and classy. They are a company that understands changing body shapes and have thus create a range of lingerie that both fits petite women and perfectly suits plus sized women as well. What’s more is that this sexy lingerie doesn’t change its styles between smaller and larger sizing – meaning that if you see a style you like it’s pretty reasonable that it’s going to be in your size as well. Just one of the many ways in which Ella Bidoe lingerie does things differently

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