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A must have accessory for your Fleshlight masturbator!  The sleeve warmer plugs into a USB socket (240v adapter also supplied) and warms your Fleshlight over the rod and get ready for the ultimate in realism in no time.  Once cleaned with Fleshwash and warm water, the warmer is the perfect way to dry your Fleshlight too!

  • Compatible with all Fleshlight and Flight sleeves
  • Use either the supplied wall charger or a USB port (cable supplied)
  • Auto shut off feature to prevent overheating
  • Once your Fleshlight is warmed, the Sleeve Warmer maintains the perfect temperature in your Fleshlight (NOTE: Do not leave the Sleeve Warmer plugged in for over 24 hours)
  • Sturdy, non slip 3 prong base
  • Splash resistant housing

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Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer Date Added: Friday 03 April, 2015

by Anonymous

I chose to warm up the Fleshlight Mini-Lotus on the Fleshlight warmer and have a go at utilizing it without a doubt. It was a cold morning and perfect for me to get if from the wardrobe where the Fleshlights were put away. Before warming it up, I felt within the Fleshlight with my finger and it was significantly colder inside and tt is extremely unlikely I would have utilized that Fleshlight that morning without warming it, nor would I have had the persistence to warm it in a sink loaded with boiling hot water. I set the warmer on the bedside table and "entertained myself" while the warmer went through its warming cycle. I pulled the Fleshlight off the stand (it took two hands—one to force and one to hold the warmer down), included a portion of the Fleshlight lubricant, and… "ahhhhh, now that is pleasant", I thought as I slid inside. I used to warm the Fleshlight in water more than once in the past and found the whole process time consuming and to be frank spoiling the moment. The Fleshlights weren't warm, however they weren't generally cool either. Be that as it may, from the times I did warm it, I was constantly aware of the truth when that without warming it to at least room temperature does not give you that totally real experience of being inside a real vagina or anus. Utilizing a Fleshlight that has been warmed to 93 degrees or somewhere in the vicinity is a genuinely spoiling yourself toward oneself sensation wise. It includes a measurement of authenticity that sends your brain into a dream rush. I'm hitched, and my wife and I are blessed to have as dynamic of a sexual relationship that I would ever want. In this way, I've never truly required or needed the Fleshlight to be especially reasonable feeling. I've quite recently appreciated it for infrequent mixture and for the option sensations it offers, whether utilized all alone or wielded by my wife to make sluggish handjobs feel better. In any case I need to say that when warmed, the Fleshlight all of a sudden felt such a great amount like genuine sex that my cerebrum began glimmering back to some of my best sex memories, including the first occasion when I engaged in sexual relations without a condom—the first occasion when that I felt that genuine, unobstructed warmth and non-abrasiveness. That's some really serious and immersive stuff continuing for a morning solo wank. It was difficult to keep from going over the falls after simply a few minutes, so I chose to attempt to edge a tad and keep the delight going a short time longer. And that is the point at which I found what may be the absolute best thing about the Fleshlight warmer contrasted with warming it in a sink. The Fleshlight Warmer was still connected to, so I set the Fleshlight back on the warmer for a couple of minutes to give it a chance to warm go down to its highest temperature. When I came back to the "revived" Fleshlight, I became acquainted with that "OMG, that feels warm and stunning" sensation at the end of the day as I entered in. Actually, it felt surprisingly better going into it a second time. The Fleshlight brought me back to the edge of the final turning point. I delayed, kept down, and set the Fleshlight back on the warmer once again. I spent a couple of minutes resting, and when the light on the warmer went off, it was go-time yet again. I took the Fleshlight from the warmer, included a tad bit more lube and encountered THAT great sensation yet again. Inside 30 seconds I couldn’t hold it in any more and came like a geyser spurting. The Fleshlight Warmer is a genuine improvement and makes a Fleshlight especially all the more engaging more so during the cool months. It's far superior than warming it in the sink—less chaotic and less diverting, and a warm Fleshlight feels so vastly improved, which is stating a great deal. Specifically, in case you're needing a Fleshlight to feel like genuine sex as could reasonably be expected warm is the best approach. It has a colossal effect and the Fleshlight warmer is the most ideal approach to arrive at that your climax point. I couldn’t get anything close to the guaranteed 135 degrees but that is something worth being thankful for as when straight off it was about as warm as I could tolerate. Perhaps there's simply something about the 135 degree guarantee that I'm not understanding. Fleshlight would do well to clear it up for any other individuals that go to the trouble of adding a thermometer like I did. I give it a thumbs up and more importantly a full dick satisfied.

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