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If you're a fan of porn star Alexis Texas, this male masturbator is for you. Moulded directly from the adult movie star herself, the realistic toy also boasts an intensely stimulating ribbed canal to bring you all the way to an explosive climax. Fleshlight have created a range of textures that have moulded specifically from her body and there are a few choices that you can pick from. They certainly make em bigger and better in Texas.


Available in:

Lotus     Outlaw    and     Tornado


Fleshlight Vaginal Texture Lotus:

One of the Original Fleshlight Textures is the Lotus. Designed for better suction and a mroe releasitic vaginal feel, the lotus is a standard desiogn for every single Fleshlight Girl and remains one of the most popular textures in the range. 


Fleshlight Alexi Texas Outlaw

Expanding the range of Fleshlight Sleeve’s available the Outlaw was created originally created to be joined with Alexis Texas Pussy mold. This newly designed chamber has two larger than normal (For Fleshlight) chambers. At the rear and front openings there are three flaps and two rings. They do not close off the canals totally but constrict the penis and give a very distinctive ‘nubbly’ sensation. Once you exit the nubs and rings you enter the first main chamber that has 5 sets of bumps. In the middle of you will find a further two rings that constrict the penis followed by the second chamber again with 5 sets of bumps. Finally if you are big enough and can exit the maturbator you will again have achieve a similar sensation as when you entered Texas of the flaps and rings.


 All in all this is a terrific Fleshlight that deliver unbelievably diverse tightening sensations that exceed normal stimulations and penetrative stimulation. Only available as an Alexis Texas pussy.


Alexis Texas Exclusive Texture Tornado:

 Fleshlight with the Alexis Texas tornado have attempted to combine some of the best features of previous designed with spiral textures as in the Twista and Dragon canals and ribs that run length-ways. It is something amazing as the textures contrast – and this novel sensation packed product is only available with her butt opening. The ribs run lengthwise with a spirally grooved texture. There are five constriction points that are triangular and seven smallish chambers. The feeling acquired by using this device is a very natural feel with the spiral ribs and soft texture allows extra responsiveness and unexpected stimulations.


The sensation is almost organic with impulses that are smooth making it feel like you are actually in an anal canal. Another winner from Fleshlight.


Fleshlight Masturbators have been the number 1 selling male sex toy now for almost a decade with good reasons and using them stimulates a real sex feeling, is totally safe to the body and with proper care can be used over and over again. There are the Fleshlight stars whose private body parts have had molds made of them to give you the ultra-realistic sex toy the exact replica of your favorite adult actress. There are also niche products like sex in a can or the Alien Series or Flight Masturbators. With so many varieties to choose from you will never have a boring night in.

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Fleshlight Girls Alexis Texas Date Added: Sunday 24 May, 2015

by Anonymous

One of the best bodies' in all of the adult industry, Alexis Texas joins the group at Fleshlight to make her extraordinary Lotus Fleshlight. Alongside her anal rose bud, a shiny new mark sleeve has been made named the Texas Tornado which will make them leave your trail of obliteration in her in a matter of moments.

For the individuals who aren't acquainted with Alexis Texas, she burst on to the scene in 2006 and has since won a few awards for her work having starred in over 100 adult films. I really had the delight of meeting Alexis Texas at an adult expo alongside Ron Jeremy and it was really there I learnt she was going to be on the product offering at Fleshlight. I asked her what it was similar to get her bits formed and she said it was really a truly straightforward procedure and she was actually stunned at exactly how point by point it all turned out. What's more, as I take a another look at the Alexis Texas Fleshlight I have sitting alongside me and contrast it with a photo I found on her site, it’s pretty close.

I requested this model online and it arrived simply like each other Fleshlights I had ordered from Adultsmart recently. Arrived quick in a discrete box it lands at the entryway with no indication what is was from the postal worker what was in it or who it came from. The other decent thing about getting it online from Adutsmart is that it’s really less expensive than purchasing it in a sex store that often charge up to $140 for a Fleshlight and that just doesn’t sit right with me, particularly since I collect these damn things.

Included in the bundle was the Fleshlight canister, sleeve, a little bundle of lube and guidelines. I generally like to warm my Fleshlight up so I let the boiling hot water from my Kitchen sink keep running over the whole thing before blow-drying it dry. Now that it’s pleasantly warmed up, I crushed the lube into the sleeve and warmed myself up to one of my most loved Alexis Texas scenes ever.

When I was prepared to go, I gradually let myself enter the Fleshlight until I had myself all the way in it. Remember, for most men, you won't have an issue "fitting" into the Fleshlight in light of the fact that it allows for a bit more than 9". Regardless of the fact that you are greater than 9" inches, despite everything it doesn't change the sensation. For littler gentlemen, you may not get the opportunity to experience all the diverse ribbings and knocks however the sensation is terrific and what you don’t get you wont miss.

As I worked my way through this specific sleeve, I discovered it wasn't especially animating. In the event that you have issues getting off or need a Fleshlight which is especially invigorating, I would prescribe the Stamina Trainer or possibly the Stoya Detroya as these will tickle the head of your dick to no abound.

I for one truly like this sleeve as I find now and then the truly empowering sleeves to be a tad excessively. I like what Fleshlight is doing in giving an assortment of sleeves which include distinctive affectability so there is something for everyone or the chance to have various sleeves as I do. As you slide through Alexis Texas, the ribbing is really reliable as it thins down and opens up all through the whole unit.

As usual, the peak was incredible which appears to be really reliable among the different Fleshlights. With the Texas Lotus you can be really forceful with it in light of the fact that it isn't super touchy which really makes it a smidgen more for a orgasm. Clean-up is simple as you simply need to give it a flush and locate a protected spot to give it a chance to dry. Utilizing some cleanser will help to keep away from any development of anything you don't need rotting inside the sleeve.

All things considered I believe it’s an extraordinary expansion to the general line-up and one that I will without a doubt utilize once more. Another astounding ass to join the quality positions at Fleshlight, including the quite adored Lisa Ann. Go get yours today, you will love it.

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