FF Extreme Inflatable Latex Gas Mask

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FF Extreme Inflatable Latex Gas Mask

Experience the thrill of sensory deprivation with the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Inflatable Latex Gas Mask. Not for the faint of heart, this hand-tailored unisex gas mask is made from high-quality latex and designed for experienced fetish enthusiasts. A single plastic breathing tube attaches to the mouth of the hood, while two plastic windows allow your subject to see what's going on. Once inflated, the latex bladders inside the hood apply even pressure around the head, giving the subject a feeling of total sensory deprivation. The zippered hood inflates using a standard tire-stem valve on the front and can be blown up by mouth, pump or compressor. To relieve the pressure, simply squeeze the valve stem and the air bladders will deflate. One size fits most. TIP: Applying baby powder or talc to the skin and inside of your new latex product makes it easier to put it on.

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FF Extreme Inflatable Latex Gas Mask Date Added: Thursday 21 January, 2016

by Bill, Mackay

The fetish Fantasy extreme inflatable gas mask as the box says 'is not for the faint of heart' Now, whilst familiar with breathing play i've not really encountered gas masks. So it can be a learning experience for all.
Gas masks have been used fr sexual play since world war 2, and are used in both BDSM scenes as well as for steampunk style costumes. They're considered a form of sensory deprivation and can contain a range of different features from being used as purely aesthetic, breathing play, liquid play, sound deprivation, the idea of enclosure mystery and hiding identity and the idea of protection as well. Secondly like the majority of BDSM equipment, gas masks can be used for aesthetic purposes. Gas masks aesthetically fit into latex play, scuba diving fetishism, hazmat play, and also role play.
The inflatabe Latex gas mask is a full headed purple mask which has a zippered back making it slightly easier to put on. It has two valves. The valve on the head is used to fill up the air latex bladders inside the head. These bladders will be used to apply an even pressure around the head to create a specific level of comfort and feeling of enclosure. Due to it being latex, and that i would feel claustrophobic and panic, i cant feel how well the bladders work in terms of sensory deprivation and i could not find any customer reviews on this product. It does have plastic windows so your play mate can still be seen, however this could be prevent with some eye masks. For breathing play, the breathing tube can be blocked, but ensure that proper safety protocols are adhered to, an that there is a signal to immediately end the scene.
Latex masks can be difficult to put on, one should put some baby powder or talcum powder onto your face to make it easier to put the mask on, you could also use a small amount of lubricant, but it's not generally recommended for facial latex, but obviously it depends on your personal preference. Because latex over time can deteriorate it is also important to care properly for it. This means making sure the material avoids oil, sunlight, heat and sharp objects. You can also polish your latex wear using a specific latex conditioner such as pJUR Cult, or a silicone lubricant to give it that gloss. One should also be careful in the care after wearing latex as well, before putting it away you will need to wash it in soapy water, ensure it's completely dry before hanging/storing it appropriately. The care tips within this article are only basic care, and it is highly recommended that you research maintenance for latex care.

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