Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Mini Chain O Pain

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Crop, Flogger, Discipline Toys, Punishment Slappers

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With just one crack of the metal Chain O' Pain, your subject will know who's in charge. The heavy-duty ball chain provides pleasant punishment with every swing. Something this bad never hurt so good - it will make you want to get caught being naughty.



Handle Length: 37.5cm

Ball Chains Lengths: 16-18cm


BDSM play is now becoming very popular and has a wide variety of fetishes encompassing it. So it now accepted that couples will not just have vanilla sex but choose to try something a little more hardcore indulging in their erotic fantasy. Things that make the bedroom a bit more kinky like electrosex, or bondage restraints even products that allow sensory deprivation are now readily available from companies like Pipedreams that produce the bets-selling Fetish Fantasy range. The scope of bondage apparatus is amazing and unequalled in the adult industry. Learn more about your partner and build the foundations of a solid relationship by broadening your horizons with a bit more FetLiving.

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