Fantasy Dance Pole

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Fetish Fantasy Dance Pole

If you've ever dreamt about owning your own dance pole - then your dreams have finally come true. Pole Dancing is no longer just something that you'd see in a strip club, but its also seen as a form of exercise. Pole dancing is a fantastic way to improve core muscle strength, and to tighten and tone the body in a fun, and unique way. Easy to set up - all you need is a solid beam in the ceiling and a drill. Semi-permenanent in terms of that the mounting plate must remain in the ceiling, but you can attach and detach the pole whenever you so choose to do so.


Pole Mounting Bracket

4 Screws

4 Washers


The Fetish Fantasy Series is offered by PipeDream Sex Toys and gives couples a chance to investigate and explore their unusual and sexually obsessive side through safe Bondage play toys in the domain of BDSM. The line will allow you to choose how soft or hardcore you wish to take your fetishes for catering for both beginner and expert.  As simple as wearing a blindfold for light sensory deprivation play to being secured in a bondage swing where you are at the mercy of your master. 


The Fetish Fantasy Sex Toys are for both men and women and equally can be purchased by the dominant or submissive.  The Fetish Fantasy Series offers a diverse range of adult toys for different levels of ability and inundation into the universe of play BDSM, from brilliant pink ball muffles and pink cowhide wrist sleeves to exotic enchantment packs and electrosex treatment toys. With this particular scope of play toys for sexual joy, you can gradually guide yourself into fetish play or you can make a plunge deep into the abyss or extreme bondage 


The Fetish Fantasy Series was made to deliver longing, fulfillment and unadulterated rapture significant for both lovers with regards to a solid relationship.  Whether you want to achieve enslavement or adoration these toys will assist you to play safe and enhance your relationships.  Turn your love play up one notch and realize your Fetish Fantasy.

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