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Eva is a hands-free, distraction-free vibrator designed to provide women the clitoral stimulation they want during penetrative sex.

Staying in place with the help of two flexible wings which tuck under the labia, Eva is designed to stay out of the way in the moment, giving you a boost of stimulation while leaving your hands free to move around and focus on intimacy,


Dame Products was founded by smart women with the purpose of making phenomenal sex toys. Our continuing mission: to design well-engineered sex toys, to heighten intimacy, and to openly empower the sexual experiences of womankind. Experience these sensational sex toys designed by women for women.

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Eva by Dame Date Added: Monday 11 July, 2016

by Anonymous

I have been curious about the Eva by Dame, it is certainly a cute and intriguing little number, so today I thought I would take the opportunity to explore her. She looks like some sort of delightful silicone beetle and comes in two pretty and popular colours – aqua and lavender.
The Eva is marketed as a couples toy to fill a niche not catered to by the We-Vibe and vibrating cockrings – and specifically designed to enhance a woman’s experience, because we all know that vital clitoral stimulation can be difficult in many sexual positions. A small and comfortable, super simple to use vibrator which won’t put an artificial barrier between you and your partner and which doesn’t require anything constricting a penis in order to enjoy it is just what the doctor ordered.

My thoughts are that this is a great idea for several reasons
1) Not all men enjoy wearing a cock ring (though they are very popular)
2) The We-Vibe is awesome however may present a little difficulty for extra large cocks to share space with, and some people find they would prefer the intimacy of nothing internal coming between them
3) Last but certainly not least – not all couples include a man, or a penis at all! Two ladies may get even more out of the Dame than an opposite-sexes couple would as both ladies (or folks of any gender possessing a clit) could share the strong vibrations.
So what is the Eva?? Well this Dame is a small clit massager with two curved arms to embrace the lips of the vulva. The arms are designed to stimulate the labia, a sensitive area which can be overlooked yet plays an important part in arousal, and to hold the massager in place for a comfortable and convenient fit for maximum, hands-free clit stimulation while you have sex. Some women with labia on the small side have reported it’s a bit harder to keep in place than it seems to be for ladies with bigger lips so I would definitely recommend it especially for curvaceous vulvas.
This is a luxury sex toy, retailing at around the $200 AUD mark, and as such is made from the high quality, body safe material you would expect – medical grade silicone, phthalate free and wonderfully smooth and is rechargeable via a USB charger. It comes in a small and sophisticated black box and has a silky black pouch included for storage. It definitely feels high class.
3 speed settings will take you over the edge and a low battery indicator light will help you avoid the maddening disappointment your beloved sex toy suddenly losing charge mid-ecstasy! My only criticism, and it’s a small one, is there are no pulsation modes such as those I have come to love from many high end vibrating toys.
All in all pretty happy with it.

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