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These lasso cockring were designed for simple use, to go around the penis and tighten up allowing for easy use and they become easy to take off also. Cockrings are designed to trap the blood flow inside of the penis providing you a firmer, stronger and longer lasting erection instead of going flacid half way through intercourse. Not only to they improve the strength and quality of your erection, there are cases were they also combat premature ejaculation.


  • Fully adjustable enhancers are comfortable and easily removed
  • Surgical grade Latex
  • 4.75" / 12 cm



 Dr. Joel Kaplan received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and Human Sexuality from the University of Chicago and Saybrook Institute in San Francisco. He has also been awarded Diplomat status with the American Board of Sexology in Washington, DC and is a registered sex researcher and certified sex therapist. The Dr. Kaplan brand of sex toys is known worldwide as the number one authority and pioneer in Erection Enhancement Therapy.


 With over 25 years in the industry, Dr Joel Kaplan’s product line is a paradigm for quality and customer satisfaction. The collection consists of numerous product lines targeting penile enlargement, erectile dysfunction, female enhancement, and pleasure products. Dr. Joel Kaplan sex toys are now manufactured and distributed by the trusted California Exotics that have been decades in the adult toys business.

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Dr. Joel Kaplan Erection Enhancing Lasso Date Added: Wednesday 20 July, 2016

by Anonymous

As you can see from the picture these are a bit different from your regular silicone cockrings. Instead of being a closed circle that you stretch out to put on, this is a lenth of fairly thick silicone that has been bent round on itself to create a loop, then the loose ends secured by pushing a bead over them together like a lariat choker only for the penis!. That bead can then be moved up or down to adjust the size of the loop from looser to tighter or the other way around. So you can put it on with the opening quite wide, which should make it easier, then just pull i t to the desired tightness.
I really like the idea and principle of this however I find that the bead is a little stiff to push and I worry that it might be easy to use too much force to get it to move and then accidentally push it too far or even accidentally deliver an unexpected dickpunch, which is reeeeally gonna put a dampener on any hanky panky and potentially injure the recipient! It feels like it should be easier to adjust.
From some user reviews I have read this is indeed the case. Others have said that it would be better if it opened wider still and I have to agree that since ease of placement is one of the main advantages of using this style, that a little more size would probably be justified. I guess it is a balance though, you don't want ends that hang down too far and get in the way.
They come in two colours from what I can see - all black, and flesh coloured with a black bead.

All in all this would not be my go-to if you are looking for a simple silicone cockring and that is a shame because I can really see the potential.

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