Compass Love Machine (220V-240V)

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The Compass Love Machine is a multi-angle thrusting sex machine. Made from sturdy construction it not only looks hardcore, it is hardcore! The multi-speed controller lets you set a speed anywhere up to 200 RPM which equates to 200 thrusts per minute! Comes with 3 attachments, one vibrator with multi-speed controller, one realistic dong and one anal probe. Think of the possibilities!


Stroke length: adjustable 1" to 6.5"

Stroke speed: upto 200 thrusts per min

HP & Torque: HP 0.4, 30 in-lbs, 200 RPM

Length: 20.5", Width: 8", Height: 10.5"

Hand held multi speed [4ft corded] remote controller

No batteries required

5 Adjustable heights (upto 45 degrees)

Corrosion- resistant steel

9ft Power cord

When you are after high quality sex toys in packaging that is clear and the images speak a thousand words on how to use the adult products XR Brands Sex Toys deliver! One of the fastest growing adult toy companies in America they are gathering a cult following with some of the niche fetishes they are catering for. With fantastic lines including the Master Series,Clean Stream, Frisky, Graygasms, Heat, Inme, LoveBotz, Masera, Master Cock, Palm-Tec, Prisms Glass, Prostatic Play, Raging Cockstars, Savvy, SexFlesh, Size Matters, Strap U, Strict, Strict Leather, Tails, Tom Of Finland, ZeussElectrostim, Trinity Men, Trinity Vibes, Vogue and Wand Essentials choice will never be a problem. Find out why XR brands are market leaders.

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Compass Love Machine (220V-240V) Date Added: Monday 10 April, 2017

by Anonymous

Follow up review.

While initially I was not overly impressed I've had a lot more luck with it.

Make sure you secure it so it cannot be pushed back by contractions, I put it against a wall and then chocked it, doing this meant I could cum like crazy while Kong the realistic was attached and this was pounding my ass at full speed, much faster than can do manually or any human could manage for more than a few seconds.

I was also able to cum anally multiple times for 10-15 seconds at a time, the small dildo is useful for warm up but it's really amazing with a 2.25 inch thick monster dildo.

I sat on a chair and was able to take kong balls deep, rocking back and forth with every thrust as the balls slammed against me.

I've not been able to get it at a very good angle for doggy style but it works great when laying on your back.

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">5</span> of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Compass Love Machine (220V-240V) Date Added: Thursday 30 March, 2017

by Anonymous

I used this today, the included dildo has a nice texture and can be bent to hit the right spot but I only used it for the initial warm up before moving onto Kong which felt great.

It was nice to have my ass pounded with a dildo hands free so I could focus on making myself cum while the machine pounded Kong into my ass, usually I cannot do both at the same time so that was a great experience.

I was a little disappointed in it's top speed as I could not get it fast enough for an anal orgasm but overall I'm happy with the product.

It's a little noisy on full speed but not too bad.

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">4</span> of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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