Combination Lock Unisex Wrist and Ankle Cuffs

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Number Lock Unisex Wrist and Ankle Cuffs


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 Only you will know the combination to this lock that will keep your lovers wrists or ankles shackled. Safety first, because then you never have to worry about losing the key with this set.


Also great for those into punk or gothic adornments. These fantasy cuffs are ready for action made from solid metal and chromed exterior. Why not add them to your bedroom play or attach them to an over the door sling to create a novel new way to have sex.



Overall Length 210mm

Diameter Inner 42-60mm

Thickness 11mm


Overall Length 210mm

Diameter Inner 45-70mm

Thickness 11mm


Overall Length 510mm

Diameter Inner 55-80mm

Thickness 12mm


Overall Length 600mm

Diameter Inner 67-90mm

Thickness 12mm

BDStyle is a company that lets the kinky out in every single individual Specialising in bondage toys made of leather and steel they have an expansive range and collection designed to supplement any kink or fetish that you might have. Ranging from restraints, to spreader bars, leather cuffs and even urethral stimulation toys. Whatever turns you on, BDStyle will have it for you at premium quality and an amazing price.

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