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If you are into pony play or just want to try a dildo with a little flair slip the Colt Stallion Tail into your rose bud and get ready to run in the Melbourne Cup! Firm, pliable, smooth and seamless with a sturdy, stretchy 28cm rubber tail the Colt Stallion is so much more than just a butt plug with a tail.


If you are not ready for the deliciously full sensation a large toy gives the 17cm long 4cm wide PVC probe makes a beautiful whip handle which leads to some very special visual play play! If you are looking for a bit more the Colt Stallion is also available in a thicker and smooth version as well.


6.5”x 1.75”/ 17 cm x 4 cm (probe) 11”/ 28 cm (tail).


 Colt Sex Toys makes them tough. Backed by California Exotics with decades of experience, these hard lads know what they're doing. They're dedicated to bringing you the best tools that you can get. Tough, rough and to the point these toys won't disappoint. If you want quality and power - these are your boys.

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Colt Stallion Anal Plug Smooth Date Added: Wednesday 10 February, 2016

by Stephen, Oh Zone Caringbah

We have seen a recent influx of butt plugs in our stores with tails on them. These tails range from cute little cotton tail bunnies to horse hair, fox tails and all sorts of weird and wonderful things. But what's so great about them?
Well, animal roleplay has been around for for decades and arguably first published and seen in Bizarre magazine in the 1940's. Whilst historically it can be said to have stemmed from our ritualisting tendancies to devote our spirituality to certain animals via worship, or reverence it's placement can also be much simpler. It can also be derived from multiple parts from simple costuming, roleplay, myth and legend as well as elements of escaping humanity during role play. The level of pet play varies from simple butt plugs, to role playing an actual animal in an exchange of power, to completely becoming an animal as in a furry lifestyle. For the most part, people just like the look of a fox tail butt plug and use it to warm up the muscles, be seductive in a completely different form and to play.

The colt stallion tail is one of the rubber animal type dildoes that we have, with a rubber style tail. This tail in particular, can also be used as a whip or as a dildo. It is quite girthy however, coming in at two and a half fingers wide and i would only recommend this to people that have done anal play before with lubricant. However, the use of lubricant without a condom would render this toy unusable as a whip after being inserted within a single play session. This particular toy comes in a smooth and a ribbed version. The ribbed version would be a great way to stimulate the anal muscles through thrusting, whereas the smooth would be much easier for those sensitive to anal play.

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