Colt Metal 6.25" Waterproof

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Waterproof Colt Vibrator 6.25"

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A cool metal vibrator can actually heat things up quickly. The Colt Metal 6.25 in. Waterproof Vibe will give you hot orgasms with just a flick of the switch. This seamless metal vibrator is 16 cm in length. The shaft is smooth without any seams or other breaks to interrupt your pleasure ride. The motor in this vibrator is powerful.


It will give you the rough ride you crave. With multiple speeds, you can ramp up or dampen your pleasure levels. The Colt Metal 16cm Waterproof Vibe works well in water of all sorts. You can take it to the tub, shower, bath, or swimming pool without any worries. The smooth design of this vibrator offers you multiple possibilities.


You can take it internal or use it external. You or your partner can use it in so many ways. The options are completely open and your choice. Try it out today.

 2 AA batteries
16 cm x 3 cm
Power-packed vibrators with a smooth seamless finish
ABS with silver plating


 Colt Sex Toys makes them tough. Backed by California Exotics with decades of experience, these hard lads know what they're doing. They're dedicated to bringing you the best tools that you can get. Tough, rough and to the point these toys won't disappoint. If you want quality and power - these are your boys.

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