Big Flirt Pheromone Sex Attractant

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Big Flirt Pheromone Sex Attractant


Pheromones are a naturally released body chemical that is used to attract sexual partners. You might have noticed that when you're in a depressed and single state that it's difficult to pick up and people naturally tend to avoid you. When you're happy, having sex, just started a new relationship you'll sometimes find a seemingly renewed interest in yourself. There are a lot of colognes and perfumes that also use types of pheromones in them. You might have noticed a particular scent that belongs to your ex, or your crush that when you smell it you can immediately identify the person wearing it and that they will be seemingly far more attractive and arousing to you than usual - to the point where you want to simply jump on them. Pheromones will mean that more people will hit on you, boosting your confidence, libido and general happiness and well-being. Many products are touted as having the ability to do this, yet not all of them work as well as the Big Flirt by Sensuva. It is a unisex roll-on pheromone that, like colognes and perfumes, will adjust to your unique body scent and have you appearing more alluring very quickly. Wear it by itself, or mix it in with your standard cologne or perfume.


Sensuva ON is an American Based company who describes their mission as a dedication towards helping both men and women have more active, healthier and more passionate lives. They have created an extensive, and growing, collection of sexual health products using original formulas and made from body safe, healthy ingredients which include natural botanicals and essential oils and extracts.

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