BDStyle Ankle & Wrist Restraints

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Wrist & Ankle Restraints


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BDStyle Bondage products are a cheap alternative for those just starting out in Bondage or for those that want to try something new.   Pack consists of both wrist and ankle restraints made from IMITATION LEATHER and fur lined.   All BDStyle products

(Ankle Measurement: 50mm-85mm diameter, 50mm width, and 4mm thickness)
(Wrist Measurement: 45mm-70mm diameter, 50mm width, and 4mm thickness)



but are sealed in clear plastic bags. For the budget conscious.


BDStyle adult products are like a box of chocolate all sorts – you never know what you are going to see until you check out the whole comprehensive range of BDSM sex toys and fetish wear. If you in the market for a cock plug or perhaps wanting to capture your naughty member in a male chastity device this exceptional company will have you covered. Floggers, torture devices chastity belts and more can be seen and purchased. Let your fetlife for once control how and what you desire and surprisingly it will improve both your enjoyment for the erotic but also help maintain and improve your relationships. Get down and have some wonderfully naughty fun with these kinky pleasure objects.

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