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Enjoy the lovely feelings of non-intimidating anal sex with one of the most popular sex toys, Anal Pleasure Butt Plug – Twister. It is made of good quality, skin-friendly materials, which will give soothe feelings to your butt hole. You can also add sex lubricants and jelly in it for natural and painless insertion.



If you are looking for fearless anal sex to get the unusual and pleasurable feelings, Anal Pleasure Butt Plug – Twister is the perfect choice for you. You can add lots of lube and jelly for fantastic and painless insertions. This will give an amazed sensation and you’ll reach in a new world of wild fantasies

Have a look on its features:

  • Ideal for the first-timers and intermediate users
  • Made from special, anti-bacterial jelly
  • Stays safely once inserted
  • Dimension: 1” wide and 3.8” long
  • Includes flares bases for security
  • Elegant designed for the convenient & painless insertion
  • Availability of color: Pink



Aphrodisia Sex Toys are made by The Howells Corporation and is their ‘home brand’. With patents to manufacture over 200 styles of adult toys they take making safe and quality products to a whole new level and their products are validated by CE, SGS, and RoHS. Materials like silicone, TPE, TPR and ABS are used to make sure all products are environment-friendly, harmless, safe for body and phthalate-free. With more than 14 years’ experience manufacturing sex toys they have a great reputation in the adult industry.


Howells also does OEM projects for many major sex toy distributors including NS Novelties, Adam & Eve, Playboy, Hustler and others that you will see in stores for double even triple sometimes even four times the retail price. Same toy – just different packaging. So if you are after no-nonsense sex toys that are affordable to boot choose the Aphrodisia range.

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Aphrodisia Twister Anal Pleasure Butt Plug Date Added: Sunday 13 December, 2015

by Scott, Ballina

Aphrodisa Anal Pleasure Butt Plug; Twister

This little guy is one of my favourites for beginners. It's soft, squishy and fun. It comes in a bright pink or purple colour and has a suction cup on the base. Now, due to the softness of this product, and it's tendancy to buckle under pressure i wouldn't necessarily recommend this one to use with a suction cup. You can feel it yourself if you apply pressure on it, put it on the table and press down - it'll buckle under the pressure.

So that makes this toy kind of interesting. Because of it's softness in the TPR Jelly it's the perfect beginner toy - made even more so due to the thickness. I often recommend this to girls for first time anal play, and to get warmed up. It's not an intimidating toy to begin with, it seems cute and soft, and it can be easily introduced into the bedroom. As this is a TPR jelly, i don't necessarily recommend it as a lifelong keeper - but at it's pricepoint it's a nice competitive option. The jelly is a little grabby but ones you put some lubricant on it - it's a slick piece. It needs to be good lubricant though - as i mentioned earlier due to the softness this can be a bit tricky to put in at times.

I like this toy due to it's softness, flexibility, how it's great for newcomers and how it's not intimadating. It will bend with the body quite easily.

Some people will find this toy too soft and flexible and theyll find it difficult to use. Material can be a bit grabby.

This also comes in a vibrating option as well. The vibrating option has ten functions, 3 speeds and 7 pulses and works with two Triple A batteries, an excellent vibrating plug for newbies as it is quite strong for a little thing.

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