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Ansell, Assorted Condoms


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Tired of that latex taste? Ansell Lifestyles Assorted can help. This package contains premium condoms will change the way you have fun.  The Condoms provide the ultimate mixed variety and may contain a mix of any of the following.

- Coloured
- Coloured and flavoured
- Textured
- Textured and flavoured
- Textured, flavoured and coloured.

12 PACK   24 PACK

You'll get your favourite flavours and textures but also get six of the best quality condoms on the market. The Lifestyles brand has been trusted for years, and today these condoms are the best your money can buy.


They're made with strong ultra-sensitive technology that is durable enough for anything but thin enough to ensure you still get to experience all the great sensations that sex delivers. In other words, they're perfect for protection and pleasure. If you're looking for something a little bit different for your next evening, pick yourself up a package of Ansell Lifestyles  Assorted.


Ansell is about enjoying an adult lifestyle, and as such they create a range of sexual health and pleasure products. From condoms to lubricant, this global juggernaut puts protection and pleasure at the front of their minds and they deliver products to do just that. Ansell Products undergo stringent testing to ensure their commitment to health and safety. With popular and well-known brands such as skyn, blowtex, lifestyles, kam sutra and Manix under their belt you can rest assured that Ansell know what they’re doing.

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