Aluminum Heat Wave Standard Massager

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Aluminum Heat Wave™ Standard Massagers are sophisticated, powerful, and lightweight. Our massagers are designed for the ultimate in sensual satisfaction. The high intensity motor with 2-speed push button control allows a slow build up to sensation, with a vibration so quiet you won’t disturb anyone - unless you want to.

This sexy massager features a high quality, all-aluminum body, while the cap is ABS with metallic paint, and the control button is pure silicone. You’ll be as safe as you are stimulated.

Aluminum Heat Wave™ Standard Massagers warm to 124?F/51?C as they vibrate, bringing your sensual experience to a climax. This sleek aluminum massager is classically shaped to provide the ultimate stimulation. You’ll find perfect satiation with this massager’s warmth and beautiful shape. Aluminum Heat Wave™ Standard Massagers are primed to reach all the right pleasure receptors.

Petite and easily manageable, Aluminum Heat Wave™ Standard Massagers will awaken all your pleasure sensations with smooth, sophisticated style.


6.25" x 1.25" / 16cm x 3.25cm (Vibrator)


Available in Silver and Pink


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