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Eye of Love

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When you want to create an erotic ambience for your partner this teasing pheromone ambience spray is fantastic.  Specifically designed to be used after dark it will create a mood that will enhance and improve romantic feelings.  Whether you are treating your lover or using it as an aid to make that person you are interested in to becomming a real love interest.

When you are in the mood is is important to have all the necessary ingredients to a successful night.  So dont forget your lube and sextoy and this goes even better when using the matching perfume.

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After Dark Pheromone Spray Eye Of Love Date Added: Wednesday 20 April, 2016

by Anonymous

The Eye of Love range of perfumes, room odorises and candles were specially "formulated for those special moments when you can use that extra touch of sensuality, romance and attraction". Use it at work, at home, on your pillows, or even just in those intimate moments. (Quote from EOL themselves - it describes the range beautifully).

They're the perfect mixture of sweet, yet subtle, bold yet sensual. A combination of all of Eye of Love products will ensure you have a scent to brighten, awaken and enhance any situation. That I can promise!

The Room Odorises and perfumes comes In 6 different scents:
For women:

Morning Glow - after your beauty sleep start with a few sprays and you will be rejoicing in the morning glow and glory. A sweeter fragrance for those sweeter tooths.
One Love - formulated for those special occasions, a sensual and trusting fragrance. A sexy and musky scent.
Evening Delight - sets an intimate and desirable mood for you and your lover and anyone around you. A subtle scent that leaves you wanting more.
After Dark - too create a mood of erotic ambience. Dark and daring, leaves a scent of citrus floating through the air.

For men -

Romantic - for a mysterious and irresistible setting. Smells like majority of men if im honest! haha :)
Confidence - designed to make people around you feel comfortable and welcomed. Get that winning and confident feeling to make your day go from 0 - 100. A sweeter scent.

The candles also come in the same beautiful fragrances, and are designed to be used as a massage candle once burning for those moments where you can use an extra touch of romance! The warm oil will relax and rejuvenate partners ensuring a night of incredibly sensual "activities??" I'll leave that down to the imagination...
** Do use with care though folks, as it is burning the oil may be too hot for some peoples skin! Always do a small test first to ensure you're not going to burn your partner. That will definitely ruin the mood!

This range is a must have in the bedroom to enhance every situation and to ensure an incredible experience every time. They smell divine!!

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