Rectal Speculum With 3 Prongs

Dr Look, Screw Adjustable, 3 Prongs

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You will love the Rectal Speculum With 3 Prongs Quality crafted from smooth surgical steel, this speculum has three prongs in the front that in a closed position forming a round probe. And here is a suggested guide to using a rectal speculum by yourself but please note NEVER close the speculum whilst it is inside as it can do some nasty damage.

 1. Simple insertion, spread and withdrawal.

 2. Once inserted and spread, with some crafty application of a mirror or 2, make use of a flashlight to peer inside.

3. Once inserted and spread, while laying with your arse jacked up in the air, drop a small funnel in to the opening and trickle water-based lube inside for added sensations.

4.  Now you are lubed our withdraw the speculum and have some anal sex toy play!!



 Overall length: 185mm

  • Prong length: 80mm
  • Prongs Width: 17mm


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Rectal Speculum With 3 Prongs Date Added: Tuesday 19 August, 2014

by Anonymous

Great quality steel, looks fantastic and professional, the two screws make it easy to use and safe.

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