10 Function Pleasure Bendie

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10 Function Pleasure Bendie

Plushy soft Pure Skin® material feels like the real thing!

Quiet, flexing vertebrae allows bending in any direction

Spiral design for added sensations

10 powerful functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation

Auto off button with memory chip that resumes last function used

LED light

Maintenance free, unscented Pure Skin®/ TPR (massager) ABS (controller)

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10 Function Pleasure Bendie Date Added: Monday 22 February, 2016

by Anonymous

California Exotics 10 Function Pure Bendie is AMAZING to touch. Before I began writing this review, I tenderly stroked, squeezed, and goggled at its softness and squishiness. I then proceeded to do so at 5 minute intervals inbetween writing my review...

With an impressive 7" in total length and 1.5" in girth - Bendie (for short) is going to be your new best friend. With 3 different strengths of vibrations and 7 different functions, I was actually rather impressed. They were rather strong and were felt equally all over the toy.
Some of the cheaper soft skin dildo's/vibrators that we have in stock typically have a strong odour - Bendie, however, is COMPLETELY odourless (I'm currently squishing it again, ahh).

Nearing the end of the shaft is a flexible rod kind of thing (inside of the toy) which makes Bendie able to bend and twist into your inner most contours . With the bulbous head of this toy, the pronounced coronal ridge and the flexibleness (yes, I just made that a word), you have a suuuuuper great G Spot toy for people who prefer softer more natural feeling toys.

Simple one button use, with 3AAA batteries to operate.

This toy would be fantastic for anyone who:

Loves soft, natural feeling toys
Likes vibrations and different frequncies of vibrations
Likes simple, no frills attached toys
Enjoys texture and ribbing
Want's an affordable sex toy at low to mid range pricing

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