Wet Stuff Naturally Lubricant

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Naturally Wet Stuff Lubricant

Gel Works

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Specially designed to enhance your intimate and sexual pleasures while caring for your natural health and the environment. For the "natural" consumer, as well as the "health" conscious, and those concerned with the environment. Especially suited to women with lubricant sensitivity issues while keeping in mind all of the qualities a really good lubricant should have. Delightfully silky, the carefully selected pure ingredients balance an exquisite sensual texture with longer lasting qualities for safety, pleasure and comfort.




Wet Stuff Naturally from Gel Works is free from ingredients commonly used in lubricants that can cause sensitivities. Many woman who have sensitivities to lubricants are searching the natural lubricant range for a solution. This particular product eliminates as many of those sensitivity issues as is possible in the one product. Wet Stuff "Naturally" has been very carefully designed from ingredients that don't cause these issues across all known sensitivities.

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