Universal WaterWorks System

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Universal WaterWorks System

Multi-use system easily attaches to shower, bath or sink! Versatile attachments make this the perfect bathroom accessory for intimate water play.

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Universal WaterWorks System Date Added: Monday 23 November, 2015

by Anonymous

The Universal Waterworks System is a kit designed to fit on your shower, bath or sink faucet, thereby giving you a chance at stimulating enema play anywhere you desire. The included instructions let you install the system easily and quickly. When installed, you can use any of the included heads to dish different enema sensations for yourself or your partner. Each head offers dedicated hydro-power action for a concentrated effect of becoming filled. There's an easy on/off switch. The adapter is universal and has a directional valve to regulate whether water comes out of the faucet or the shower system. With this you wouldn't have to disconnect the system every time if you don't want to.Ideally used pre-shower with tepid water as to not burn your insides. It's best you go the toilet first to minimize mess in the shower. It is a good idea to have your water running in the tub at the desired temperature and pressure. As with any sort of anal toy, gently insert the preferred tip into the rectum. Activate your shower and rinse. I usually repeat the step two or three times until the expelled water is clear. After the process, then shower normally and you are ready to go.This item is great for both beginners and experts, but not for pleasure purposes. It is too small for any pleasure, but it will clean anyone out with water.If you are looking for a sanitary way to clean yourself, then I highly recommend this product. It is a pretty high end product for a decent price. Pros The shower is the best place to douche - and the water is almost endless. Does exactly what it is intended to, great safety features, and easy to clean Cons A little complicated at first, however easy to learn moderate expense but good quality Hooking up and detatching the hoses every time you use. The mess that comes along with a product of this nature, tediousness of hooking and unhooking it.

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