Steel Vaginal Hook/Hanger

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V Spot, Steel Vaginal Hanger, Steel Vaginal Hook/Hanger

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Designed to enhance extreme rope bondage/shibari play, this steel vaginal hook, also called a pussy hanger is made of hollow 25mm thick stainless steel. The hook can be inserted up to 160mm. All the edges are smooth and free of any sharp points.


For those who look to go really extreme, it can also be used anally. The hook also has to intregral points for attaching rope. This gives you a multitude of different ways to use this hook on your consenting partner.


Overall Length; 330mm

Insertable Length; 160mm

Diameter; 25mm

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To make sure that you’re using an anal hook properly, it’s a good idea to find a reliable maker of the hooks like Hells Couture Bondage Equipment. They should be made out of solid metals that are smooth at all sides and one of the ends should be used to either attach rope or to be held in place with a hand. You can then tie the rope to an anchored point in the ceiling, wall or even tie it off on one of the slaves body parts. From there you can continue with your spanking, flogging or other devious ideas, while the slave will remain secured and still in their place.


This product is certified 100% Non-Magnate and medical-grade steel. Beware of cheaper products that are not solid surgical steel but chromed steel or poor quality surgical steel that contains Magnate. Magnate is the ingredient that makes steel rust. We will only include this endorsement on our 100% surgical steel products.

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