Sex & Mischief Furry Animal Cuffs

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Sex & Mischief Furry Animal Cuffs

A way to keep an aroused and captive audience! Don't let that lover get away, cuff them, tease them, and take your time with their pleasure. These fun and furry lovers handcuffs are great for the SMBD novice, and can be used on one wrist to fasten a lover to a bed or on both to keep your partner guessing what will come next.

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They are nickel free, fully lined with wild faux fur, and come with two keys for safe release. Did you ever wonder what it would be like to take complete control? Ever wonder just how much foreplay your lover can stand? Find out by holding them captive and teasing them until they beg for release! Ever wonder where you own boundaries are?

Allow your lover ultimate control over your pleasure! Use in conjunction with other Sex and Mischief toys such as the Mini Flogger or the Black Mask to intensify the experience and further challenge yourself to reach new heights of passion. Some find it hard to relinquish control in the bedroom, and others find it tempting to encourage that surrender. Break out of the traditional mould and try something new. Whichever side you belong to, the Sex & Mischief Furry Animal Cuffs will captivate the both of you.

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