Rocks Off Butt Boy 7 Speed

7 Peed Vibrator, Novelty, Silicone, G-Spot

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Rocks Off Butt Boy

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Butt-Boy is the world's first vibrating butt-plug combined with a perineum massager. A real pleasure power house that will drive you into a frenzy of passion. Use it while sitting or standing, the stimulation is hands free so you can play with yourself or pleasure your partner.

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Rocks Off Butt Boy 7 Speed Date Added: Tuesday 26 April, 2016

by Anonymous

"The Butt Boy is the world's first vibrating butt-plug combined with a perineum massager", the manufacturer says. The toy is really in good shape aesthetically and, undoubtedly, it can reach easily to the point that it suppose to stimulate by the help of its right-angled shape and tapered tip. It has textured shaft for perineum stimulation and the bulbous shape at the base of the insertable part makes the toy suitable for hands-free play. It is made of silicone material which is firm but also bendable in the middle of the toy.

The Butt Boy has a bullet in it which operates with N-size batteries and vibrates in 7 different modes. The bullet is removable so you can use it separately. Vibrations are pretty strong and the toy delivers vibes to the perineum easily. However, I cannot say the same thing for P-spot stimulation which is a drawback of the Butt Boy, sadly.

It is waterproof which is nice because the material is a real lint magnet. Its shape can be intimidating for beginners so I recommend starting to experience anal play with some other smaller toys, then the beginners can use this toy freely. On the other hand, the Butt Boy is not that suitable for advanced users as well because of the problems in delivery of vibrations.

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