Rocks Off Buddies 10 Speed Missile

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Mini Vibrator, Rocks Off, 10 Speed Missile

Rocks Off

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Buddies 10 Missile (Black) with its camo packaging and its black silicone sleeve, the Buddies Missile in black from Rocks Off makes it clear that this is no ordinary sex toy: this is a sex toy for men. The small vibrator is the perfect size for anal play. Its five settings give you just the right amount of power to take your orgasm from something ordinary to something out of this world. You can quickly control the vibrator by using the push button on the bottom edge. One push turns the vibrator on, five touches make it vibrate faster, and the final touch shuts it off. It has its own removable sleeve, so that you can quickly clean up the toy in between uses. The medical grade silicone sleeve is just as soft as your partner. When you want something new for bedroom play or you want to get off quickly, reach for your own Missile

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