Peineili Delay Spray

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What is Peineili Delay Spray:
Delay spray is a spray that you spray on the penis before engaging in sexual intercourse that may assist your sexual intercourse to last longer. They may help men from reaching orgasm too quickly.

 No numbness
  No irritation
  Pleasure excitement
Safe & reliable, no side effect
  Tasteless and colorless (not easily found by her)
  Effective time 60 minutes (depending on individual circumstances)

How to use:
Spray a few times on the glan penis (the head) and coronal sulcus (the neck of penis) 30 minutes in advance, before sexual intercourse. Apply evenly to make it fully absorbed. If you want oral sex, wash the application before perform oral sex, after 30 minutes of application.

This product is sold as a novelty product only.

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