Oxballs Dick Screw Spike

Silicone Penis Plug


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Oxballs DickScrew Spike

The new DICK SCREW SPIKE silicone sound is the perfect piss hole stuffer.  DICK SCREW SPIKE is the big brother of COCKSCREW...it's longer, wider, and fills you up deeper...

Its smooth shape and soft silicone material feel fuckin’ amazing snakin’ down your slit and the grip handle lets you easily control the depth and speed of your probing.And because it’s made from silicone, there’s less risk of irritation or harm than with metal or other rigid sounds.

They’re also easy to sanitize with a soapy water and diluted bleach solution. Hell, our silicone is so tough you can even autoclave it.

LENGTH:  4"/ 10.16 cm

 TIP: approximately 3mm

 WIDEST POINT:  approximately 6.5 mm

 USABLE LENGTH:  3.5"/8.89 cm

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Oxballs Dick Screw Spike Date Added: Saturday 06 August, 2016

by Anonymous

You've heard of urethral sounds and most you'll come across are steel but silicone can provide a more flexible and comfortable experience. It can also be less irritating than other materials and is still super easy to sanitise. Simply wash with warm/hot water and antibacterial soap. Alternatively, stick it in the dishwasher or soak in a bleach-water solution.

The Oxballs Dickscrew-Spike is a 4 inch long sound available in black or red. The insertable length is 3.5 inches. The dickscrew-spike is tapered for ease of insertion. At its narrowest the width is approximately 3mm and the widest point approximately 6.5 mm.

This is not a hollow sound, it's designed to be taken out before ejaculation or urination. And it's easy to remove with a handle in the shape of an axe head that's easy to hold and looks hot in an offbeat and manly kinda way. Which seems to be Oxballs general design objective from what I can see!

Great for beginners or old hands alike.

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