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Lust By Jopen L12

The Lust L12 is an extraordinary product to purchase for any individual who needs a double ended vibe and favors mid-level vibrations. Novices will go insane over this toy – and even devotees who incline toward normal vibrations will discover a spot in their drawers for this amazing toy. The outline is marvelous – the examples are extraordinary – and I adore that its completely waterproof, astounding silicone, and simple to operate, store, and charge. You will love every little thing about it and the  many different possibilities it presents will ensure whether it is your clit or his prostate they will be totally satisfied.

Don't forget to lube up!

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Lust By Jopen L12 Date Added: Saturday 12 December, 2015

by Tyler, Maroubra

Just as many of the Jopen products, this dual stimulation vibrator has a unique design and flexible bodies that easily adapt to be positioned on clitoris, labia and internal G-Spot.

With an L shape and gradual bumps along each of the bodies, the longer portion reaches the G-Spot internally and the shorter portion delivers vibrations on the clitoris and labia. The larger bump along the larger portion stimulates on the outer vagina, and the tiny flexible tip at the top of the shorter portion is designed for pin-point stimulation. This is a perfect size for beginners and the shape is just designed for those girls who look for something that fits their anatomy nicely.

Pure high-quality silicone covers the entire exterior of the toy, including control buttons and charging port, making it a waterproof toy. Silicone is body-safe, lubricant compatible, great to feel in the skin and easy to clean.

The strong vibrations come in five functions with independent incremental speed controls for both motors. It features a travel lock to prevent it from vibrating at inconvenient moments.

With a USB charger, batteries a 100% rechargeable. Complete charge will take about two and half hours and vibrations will run for 35 minutes on high speed and three and a half hours on low speed.

This is definitely a great option for those who want to change from animal-inspired and phallic-themed vibrators.

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