Lure Pheromone Spray

Female Attractant, Sexual Mood Enhancer


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Pheromones are hormones naturally secreted by insects, animals and humans. The pheromone molecules moves through the air and are detected by receiver at the subconscious level. When pheromones are picked up by the receiver, they dictate sexual behaviour and attraction towards the opposite sex. Pheromone is a word from Greek. “Pheran” – to transfer and “Horman” – to excite.

Pheromone plays an important and irreplaceable role in sexual communication. Animals and Humans release masses of biological chemicals in tears, saliva and perspiration. These scents (whether you can actually smell the scent or not is immaterial) relay information of mood, desire, status, drive, health, energy level etc to the receiving party at the subconscious level. The dominant male will exude more pheromones and will thus attract the attention of their submissive female counterparts.

This perfume is worn by men to atract females.

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this product is awesome I love it

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