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When will Lelo actually put out a bad product?  So much Research and Development goes into their sextoys that they never seem to put out a dud.  And even when they have winners they find a way to improve on their previously excellent designs.

This is the case with the new and improved Lelo Tiani 3.  A couples vibrator that is purpose designed to allow a woman to wear it whilst having sex.  The silky smooth silicone is a delight to the senses and skin and the joint sexual experience you and your partner will have whilst using it will leave you gasping for air.

Lelo is the brand known for luxury, class and elegance in sex toys and this will not disappoint you.

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You may have thought that they could not have improved on what many thought was perfection but Lelo have proved us wrong again.  Not content with having the award winning Lelo Tiani 2 on the market with unsurpassed sales targets smashed they have now put out the new and improved Lelo Tiani 3.


Similar in design and shape but with more powerful and various vibration mode it is a vibrator specifically designed for couples.  Women can wear it whilst having sex causing etheral sensations to the clitoris and your partner gets to enjoy the added sensations as well.  Made of medical grade silicone and where cost and quality are not compromised.

The list of Lelo's achievements and breakthroughs in the industry is endless so take the Tiani plunge -

Here are some other things you can look forward to:

  • Comfortable to wear during lovemaking, new shape
  • Powerful, reliable motor
  • Smooth silicone
  • SenseMotion technology with remote control
  • Eight vibration settings
  • Two manual vibration settings (move the remote to control)
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • 10-year quality guarantee
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

Guess what folks?  It's arrived.  The new and improved Lelo Tiani 3 is now in stock.   Beat the rush and order now - we have limited open order stocks availalbe.  The award winning design of Tiani the Lelo couples massager is a winner and is worn by women when making love.

Silky smooth silicone and enhanced powerful vibrations which is ofcourse backed with the 100% replacement guarantee for one year and 3 year manufacturers warranty.

It is waterproof and the vibrations are targerted for great sensations to the clitoris.  It is a hit any way you look at it for you and your partner.

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Lelo Tiani 3 Date Added: Thursday 13 February, 2014

by Erin, Katoomba

I was worried about buying this product because of bad reviews I had read, but I was pleasantly suprised. The remote stayed in sync and was used all night long. The battery never cut out on me and it was worn for quite a while. My boyfriend loved holding the remote and playing around, he's such a tease lol. The vibrations are on the moderate side but not bad just for adding some spice to your love life. I used the remote vibrations on him and frankly it blew him away. It did however move around and come out a couple times during intercourse, but I just slipped it back in. At the end we just tossed it to the side, but by that time we had had so much fun with it we were really going at it. I asked my boyfriend (who can be shy about sex lol) if he enjoyed it and would be willing to use it again. He said he loved it and would definately want to do it again. We also discussed using it in public and he is open to it which suprised me in a good way. Overall for the price I paid on here and with free shipping (which unlike in other reviews was very discreet) I would definately suggest this product. I also own the lelo Soraya and love her and we discussed getting the TOR 2 :)

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