Lelo Sensua Suede Whip

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Lelo, Swedish designed, Sensua Suede Whip, Acrylic shaft, cow leather, stainless steel, cow suede leather

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You’ve been really naughty. You know it, and your man knows it. That’s why they’ve removed the Sensua Suede Whip from their belt loop. One look at the long tassels hanging down as your lover flips the polished metal and acrylic handle and you know what you are in for tonight. Your man draws back the hand gripping the Sensua Suede Whip and brings it lightly against your buttocks. The suede tassels tease you slightly sending a thrill through your body. Then the whipping gets harder and so does he. The Sensua Suede Whip is not the only toy you have purchased from LELO’s, but it has certainly become one of your favorites. Your ass tingles now with a blend of pain and desire and he begins whipping your back. It is a good thing the Sensua Suede Whip comes in three colors because this red one he’s using completely clashes with your outfit, and when he’s done, it’s your turn. You turn and glance at the purple Sensua Suede whip hanging on the wall and smile.


AVAILABLE; black   purple  red


A whip would make a great ensemble!


In the bondage and fetish lifestyle there are those who are sexually aroused by causing pain to others and there are those who are aroused by having someone cause pain to them. It is the role of submissive that is the one receiving the pain. With LELO’s Sensua Suede Whip it doesn’t matter if you are on the giving or receiving end, this is a quality whip. The handle is made of polished metal and acrylic and the suede tassels can be used with a little more force to inflict pain, or with a little less force to bring about humiliation. So for the couple with a taste for the exotic and if one of you has been behaving naughty, the LELO’s Sensua Suede Whip may be just the thing for a night of stimulating punishment and some BDSM fun. The whip comes in three colors: black, purple and red.

Materials: Acrylic shaft / cow leather / stainless steel

Colours: Red / Black / Purple

Length: 215mm ± 5mm for tassel, 145mm ±0.5 mm for handle; Total 360mm

Weight: 114 grams


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