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The exact custom-moulded reproduction of a man's oral cavity will allow you to get sucked in a way you have never experienced before.
The inner, velvety texture wraps firmly around you and provides a mind blowing sensation to your feel and touch. The skin like and non-harmful material adds to the pleasure of sexual intercourse and real life feeling. Just like the real thing, if not even better!
With its unique outer casing Joy-Lite will not attract attention and can be taken anywhere.

The unique material adjusts to all sizes.
The material is safe, non-toxic, phthalate free, soft, flexible and durable.
Trial size 5ml water-based lubricant included
Please use water-based lubricant only.

Multiple regular low ridges and a straight tunnel allow for great control whilst highly pleasurable. The Harmony tunnel is the ultimate training sleeve, perfect for regular use and to enhance your performance and stamina over time!

A truly heavenly experience bringing waves of delight! Regular smooth constrictions with a stimulating interspaced node will engage you in all the right ways. The wavy pattern provides regular enhanced stimulation, whilst the nodes reward at mid and full penetration. Ideal for stamina training and performance use.

A full featured mind blowing effect is achieved with a curved tunnel and multiple enhanced stimulation nodes. The curvature provides a closer tighter feeling when required whilst multiple nodes stimulate at every level of penetration. Evolve to this tunnel over time with enhanced control or utilize Magica for faster climax.

Multiple tight ribs at regular short intervals with a straight tunnel ensure a feeling of closeness and regularity which allow for stamina and control training over time. There are no surprises, making Ripple ideal for enhanced training, or just regular stimulatory usage. Ripple is your ideal friend with benefits.

As the name suggests, Thunder is an explosive mixture! Similar to Magica but featuring a straight narrow tunnel effect with multiple high density interspersed stimulatory nodes. For that tight, high stimulation effect, Thunder is the one for you. Guaranteed to go hard, if you can maintain stamina with Thunder, you are in the highest percentile!

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