G Spot Lines Tokyo Large

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BS Atelier

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The G Spot Dildos have a special curved form intended for the stimulation of the G-spot if we like vaginal penetration or the P-spot if we prefer anal penetration.

The base is wide enough for insertion in BS harnesses for hands-free penetration of our partner, and also wide enough for anal penetration as this practice has its limits.


Length: 7.28" (7.08" Insertable)
Average Diameter: 1.57"
Girth of Tip: 3.54"
Girth of Shaft: 5.9"


Handmade like all BS Atlier Sex Toys allows us to control the level of strength each stimulation requires, this way we produce a flexible and comfortable double dildo enabling movement without discomfort.

It can be used with or without a harness, however, using it with a harness allows the smaller annex to maximise the pressure on the G spot and with the longer annex fortifies it. This double dildo is delicate and crucial in both stimulations.

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