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You have permission to turn up late for work as you will be playing sexual favours with the Big Boss.  Don't expect to be taken to the boardroom but rather down a road of sexual depravities when the big boss has its way with you.  Xtra large fun and xtra strong vibration speed and modes will have you begging for a raise.


Body safe silicone but make sure you have your lubricant ready for more and more fun.

The imposing nature of the big boss lets you know what this sextoy is all about.  It is for Xtra large pleasure.  A strong appearance complemented with a naturalistic touch will show you he is the dominant one that will bring your love play passion alive.  Thrilling stimulations will be experiences with the intense vibrations and the innovative click n charge technology makes it a dream to use.

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Fun Factory Big Boss G4 Date Added: Friday 19 February, 2016

by Augusta, Holly Vale

The Big Boss in all it's might has to be one of my favourite vibrators due to it's original shape, it's extra wide girth and the power that it packs with the new G5 motor. When they released the new Boss Stub you could just imagine how ecstatic i was that they finally had a dong version that I can sell to customers for the shower, and for there personal use without the need to worry about vibrations or any other discomforts that come with the vibration and the control panel.
The Boss Snub takes the concept of the dong to a whole new quality and expectation. Designed with medical grade silicone, and with the same shape and size of the original Big Boss, the Boss snub is the perfect companion for you're see life. The suction cup provides superb suction and allows it to placed on most surfaces, and if you are kinky enough you can use it in the kitchen, sex in the pool and of course the bath and shower. Thats the great thing about suction cups, although the toy is simple without vibration, the suction cup allows for some versatility with the toy, making it more then just a stiff toy with a constant erection, it makes it a stiff, soft toy with a "WELL TRAVELED" erection.

Now ofcourse the suction cup is not only used for placing on glass shower's whilst everyone is downstairs or whilst you're boyfriend/girlfriend is galavanting on a 6 week european holiday. It also can be used for strap-on play.. yes this does include pegging. However the only downfall is that it might be too thick to fit within a strap on ring... now what's wrong with a little girth hey hey. The only thing is you might have to find a larger strap on ring this will allow it to be held in place a lot easier.

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