Fleshlight Shower Mount

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Fleshlight Shower Mount

the ideal extra for your Fleshlight. A strong suction glass on the Fleshlight Shower Mount will permit you to connect your Fleshlight sex toy and experience a totally diverse approach to utilize your Fleshlight! Shower Mount is perfect with the standard Fleshlight case in all colors and even the Fleshlight Ice (clear). Flight... items require a connector, which is also in this bundle. The Fleshlight Shower Mount is not compatible with Blade... , Sword... , and Sex in a Can products.

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Fleshlight Shower Mount Date Added: Friday 27 November, 2015

by Andrew, Oh Zone Caringbah

You know what, I was sitting down thinking what is there to say about the shower mount that makes it so good but then I thought I’ll just go test it out instead of wasting my time thinking. What an experience that was, from using the Fleshlight normally, but every time I use it I shall be using it in the shower sometimes you need to sacrifice your water bills for the greater good!!!
The Fleshlight shower mount combines the comfort and warmth of your shower with that of your Fleshlight making it the ultimate combination for the best masturbation session of your life. Why? Because everyone wants to have sex in the shower, it is a universal sexual goal to have sex in the shower. Yeah it might be awkward at first but you'll get the hang of it.
Warm water showers relax the body, the more relax your body is the better orgasm you can have it is a proven fact! So imagine using your Fleshlight in the shower whilst the warm water is running down your body and you’re just there thrusting away!
Also did i mention that due to the suction cap on the Shower Mount, this makes your Fleshlight hands free.. What? Yeap you don't have to hold it while you're in the shower just stick the suction cup on and make sure its in for a wild ride. Combine it with a water based lubricant and you will be set for a great lengthy, relaxing and arousing shower session with the Fleshlight of your choice depending on which one you have!
Defiantly give it an 8/10 for fun and product value!

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