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Satisfy your fantasy by slipping your cock inside this gorgeous pair of lips, molded from Brent Everett himself! Includes Brent Everett Fleshjack Mouth sleeve with Swallow inner texture and a powder blue Fleshjack case.


The Brent Everett Swallow Fleshjack comes with a brand new texture that is exclusive to the Fleshjack series. It is called Ecstasy and it looks like the Love Hump Fleshlight texture with a rings added to it. Those rings was apparently inspired by Brent’s double ring tattoos. If you love getting head you might wanna get the Swallow texture instead. The Swallow simulates a blowjob by mimicking the anatomy of a mouth and throat. The orifice of the Ecstasy and Swallow Fleshjacks was molded straight from Brent’s mouth and lips.


  Orifice: -Brent Everett Mouth

  Canal Diameter-1/4 to 3/4 inch (0.6 - 1.9 cm)


  Length:-10 inches (25.4 cm)



  If you've ever fantasized about getting to fuck Brent Everett's tight ass, now is your chance! Molded from the actor himself! Includes Brent Everett Fleshjack Butt Sleeve with Squeeze texture. Each product also includes a unique Fleshjack Pearlescent Blue Case, and a sample of our water-based lubricant.


  Orifice: -Brent Everett Butt

 Canal Diameter-1/2 inch (1.3 cm)


  Length:-10 inches (25.4 cm


 Brent Everett is a hardworking and hard-banging piece of gay fuck meat. His rod is so hot for boy butts, it’s like every gay asshole has a beacon up there and Brent’s cock is the throbbing radar. With a taught body and sweet-guy face, he claims he’s just a shy Canadian boy living the dream.


At five-foot-seven with a 150-pound lean, athletic figure, he’s a sticky dream for horny homos, chicks, and even some confused straight guys. Brent was born in snowy Alberta, where cold nights could often lead to cuddling with your sleepover buddies. He’s always been loud and proud when it comes to being gay. One day, he and his boyfriend decided to make some amateur fuck flicks just for giggles. One amateur film led to another and Brent began discovering his natural talents, both as a performer and as an ass slayer. It wasn’t long before all the big-time gay porn studios were knocking on Brent’s backdoor and flying him first class to sunny California to share his boner talents with the mainstream.


Brent has since shot for Falcon Studios, Cobra and Studio 2000, in over 40 films. He’s a massive award-winning gay porn star and he’s also got a hugely successful production company of his own. Not bad for a small-town Canuck with big dreams and a bigger dick. It also doesn’t hurt that Brent just loves the taste of cock and balls and could drink man-cum all day.


If you are a Fleshlight user you probably already know this but Fleshlight has a huge line up of sex toys targeted towards homosexual men. That line is called Fleshjack. It’s basically the same concept behind the Fleshjack as the Fleshlightgirls . Popular porn actors and actresses get their pussy, butt, cock and mouth molded and made into a Fleshlight or Fleshjack in the case of Brent Everett and the other Fleshjack Boys. The Fleshjack Boys also comes with dildos molded from their dicks.

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